Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Consumer Healthcare

Our clients innovate across the spectrum of the life sciences: from the applied biological sciences to pharmacology and chemistry, drug discovery and development, and the development and commercialization of consumer healthcare products. Whether a start-up that is just realizing the potential of an idea or an international corporation strategically building their portfolio, we work with clients discovering new ways to apply technology, develop new methods and advance scientific breakthroughs in these rapidly progressing fields.

Understanding the nuances of patentability in the life sciences often requires interdisciplinary skills. The professionals of Servilla Whitney call upon advanced degrees in fields such as chemistry, biology, microbiology, chemical engineering and medical and molecular genetics to build a team around your technology. We understand the science, but just as importantly, we understand your goals, the competitive landscape and the circumstances unique to your business.

Our Expertise

Servilla Whitney attorneys have been involved in the prosecution, licensing and/or litigation of patents in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare product sectors including such specific technology areas as: high throughput screening, pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, therapeutic methods and molecular diagnostics.

Servilla Whitney professionals have the expertise to effectively and efficiently manage IP portfolios that include biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biologics, and consumer healthcare. We bring years of experience to preparation, successful prosecution and strategic analysis of patents in the chemical, molecular genetics, immunology, drug delivery, biochemistry, pharmaceutical, personal care, consumer healthcare and household products sectors including such specific technology areas as: antibody technology; catalysts; coatings; emulsions; enzymology; eukaryotic and prokaryotic genetic engineering; liposome technology; microbiological fermentation; microencapsulation; pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients; plant extracts; polymer chemistry; rubber chemistry; surfactants and rheological agents; synthetic additives, antioxidants and lubricants.

Our Recent Experience

Freedom to Operate
Quickly and efficiently completed freedom-to-operate analyses of multiple complex multi-step chemical synthesis proposals received from our client’s potential business partners, thereby enabling prompt, business-critical decisions related to development of their new cancer drug.

Portfolio Strategy and Development
Developed and successfully executed a strategy to obtain multi-patent protection of methods of therapeutic use of our client’s lead biological drug, including corresponding patent coverage internationally, thereby extending the commercial life of the product in the face of expiring composition of matter patents.